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This was pretty good. I have a few problems, though. The first thing is that when enemies get into a line, they are incredibly hard to attack. The background isn't that bad when it comes to enemy fire, but I often get my shots mixed up with the enemy's. That being said, it is super addictive and it got me to play.

MonoFlauta responds:

Hello! First of all, thank you for playing our game!
About the enemies get into line, one possible strategy to that is to focus them first. Or to keep moving all the time. (I guess you are talking about the quick ones). Also, you can always just avoid them but they will close your movement space till they go.
For the enemy fire, we just released a new update that lets you make the background darker. If you want, try it out and check if the problem is solved. If not, please pm me and we will probably change the bullets colour for the next update.
Thanks a lot for playing and for the review!

The shaking text and flashing blocks are terrible on their own- I can't even read the text, but what absolutely gives me a headache is the thumping noise in the levels.

The gameplay was fairly basic, and it was really just a basic platformer, with no big concepts other than you are small. The only problem with it is that the character is so small, and the controls are so sliding, its hard to get any precision with it. This, combined with the fact that the walls are sticky because of the wall jumping, makes the levels demanding precision not worth the basicness and repetitivity of the platformer itself. Basically, the levels are too basic and repetitive to be worth playing.

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This song is really nice! I think it could do with a bit more varied sections; for this sort of style, I would expect that the different sections would use and manipulate different rhythms. Also, the instrumentation is a bit off in some places: it could do without so much of the high piercing sounds and instead use more of the low bassy sounds IMO, and the snare doesn't really feel all to strong in comparison to the kick and other instruments. But otherwise, the song is very good, I really like the powerful parts at the end of each chorus that really shine within the rest of the song.

LASERBEAST responds:

well the high pitched laser sounds fit the theme of the album but i would like to change some of the higher ranges to horns. sounds like like a band march :)


Spadezer responds:


I don't think this was what you were going for. it doesn't feel house-y as much tranquil. I like the piece though. It's kindof hard to follow at some points, with the sound sliding, but all in all, its a good track!

Kalviter responds:

Glad you like it, I'll work on making my next house song a bit livelier.

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