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Three posts in a year?? What is this, 2016? Anyways, I have some musical developments to share...

...but first, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention everyone who has now suddenly followed me, mostly thanks to the success of Kobold Siege by @Stopsignal! Thank you all for the support- I promise to keep making more chiptunes into the future!

Regarding musical developments, I've recently* been shopping around for a new music program to replace Jummbox. I've been using variants of Beepbox for nearly 4 years now, and I'm thinking I should move on. Of course, I probably won't stop using it altogether, (because, imo, it is unparalled in ease-of-use across all DAWs and therefore remains an excellent tool for sketching) but I do hope to phase it out in favor of something that gives a bit more control and finesse over exactly what the music can sound like.

In particular, I've been looking at OpenMPT and LMMS, two programs which I am quite enjoying. I've experimented with OpenMPT a bit more, but I think it'll still take me a while to really decide on a program to use. I've also been making lots of music in Musescore, mostly for band but also just as good fun and learning.

In the meantime, I will still be making music using Jummbox! Expect new songs soon*.

Regarding other developments: Voxella is going well and good! A Steam version won't be out this year, but you can of course still play it on itch.io. I've also been working on other projects, mostly for school but also some proper games as well.

Again, thank you all for the support! See you soon, and have a happy new year!

*within a margin of a couple months



Open for Commissions!

apparently i need to put more effort into presenting my commissions page. oops!

I am Theepicosity and I specialize in making bitpop/chiptune-esque music! If you would like to learn more about my music, you can visit my Newgrounds page. All of my work is available to use for any project, for free, and all I ask is that you credit me!

Commissions: I am open to doing music commissions! I can write music for free or you can pay me, though the latter would be nice. I do ask that you give generous deadlines; depending on the type of project I may be a bit slow at times. If you are interested or have any questions, send me a PM!